by Amber Box

I will deceive you
So turn away where the steam of my breath cannot be seen
I am wicked
You are mortal
The shards of glass from your own wreckage
Feed my poison
Injected into your veins, the ghost of yourself

Your treacherous thoughts are only the beginning of my game
When I whisper into your ears, arsenic laced, tongue forked
You will rot inside with the stench of decay weeping thru your flesh
You are the damned
I am the ghost that haunts you in the mirror
I am the shadow you cast in daylight, in the darkness
I am evil, here to fracture your foundations

Every turn you take, I will be there, I am there, I was already there
At your worst, I am a thousand times more
I will tempt you because you are fragile
I am here to destroy you
So run now, it will take you nowhere, chasing your own circles
But run anyway, hide from me
I will find you

You are cursed for always
And your life will never be the same
It will be empty
You will suffer, crying for mercy
But instead, you die, your tattered skin dripping from your bones
I will finish what you are and I will set ablaze what you were
I will trick you, betray you

I will torment you and it will be your end
Curse and haunt you
Your worldly flesh is beyond grace
Beyond the grave
Already cold and grey
You lost in my game
Because I am wicked

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