The Sofa

by DS Maolalai

Sofa with pillows

working together, all three
in tandem, particular
with slow careful movement.
we carry it properly,
held high from the ground,
with the legs at hip-level
to swivel. it’s been
a good sofa, I think – many things
happened here and still,
it’s quite comfortable.
my first time getting rid
of an object which works.

my legs nearly go in the hallway,
then lock, and I fix down
my fingers. my brother has the front end.
I take the back. chrys is in the middle, but not
really for the weight – she directs us
so we can get the thing outside
and not collide with any tables,
with any chairs
or bicycles.

like moving a hippopotamus, we work our angles;
turn through various doorways,
through the kitchen where we catch our hands
on corners. shift and pause. pause
and shift. the weight moves,
steady as a box of bananas.

behind us
a space has opened.
it is scattered
with lost objects – pencils, keys,
receipts and bits of paper. we leave it in the garden
and come back in; the room
feels vacant,
like the space of a pulled tooth.

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