Sultry Summer Storm

By Moira Crooks

Come sit beside me on the deck
The wood is fragrant and hot, the air
Silent and holding its breath.
Birds are hushed in the spindly trees
and even the river is sullenly asleep.

Violet orbs of sweetness await their fate,
A few sacrificed to taste,
you bite our first victim and feed me half,
popping cold juice,
explosions of Chilean sun fill my mouth,
sweeter for being crushed by your lips,
chased by amber waves of refreshment
gulped from slick sea glass,
ice cubes cracking like ocean breakers.

Listening to the clouds’ shadows dance across the sky,
Slithering on the skyline are thunderheads,
proffering relief in their choleric castles.
Slanting rays of rain are birthed,
sucked to the ground by invisible thirsty lips.
Desperate dust devils scour the lawn for damp leaves and rocks,
and, as we sit, silver dollar drops fall.

We do not run for cover but stay,
bare legs dangling as the rain comes fast
enjoying the stabs of cool on our
sun parched skin. You laugh at my hair
plastered to my shoulders and wipe away
raindrops masquerading as tears.

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