Pink Goes With You & Me

By Scott Christopher Beebee

A playground with slides.

how does one know their
heightened sexual proclivities
in kindergarten?
it is what happened to
me but good luck getting
a straight answer
from this bent,
detoured, rattled
& deveined source

not only had i known
of my homosexuality
but the more important
piece is my being
a transgender person

before you go off
the rails by saying
there’s no way he’s
a she, you obviously
don’t know me – &
your quick rush to
judgement has me
cancelling your
impotent opinion
& dishonest

here we go, playing
these games again –
brutes on the playground
in second grade making
fun of me for playing
hopscotch & Barbies
with my kindred,
feminine spirits
while unsuccessfully
trying to shame me
into playing kickball,
of all things

I wish it were true that
life got better as my
age skyrocketed in
number – instead, I
hear the same kids
42 years later saying,
“Transgrendered and
Transsexual people
are exactly
the same. Don’t
you want to change
that dress for a
nice life with a
wife & 2.3
kids stuffed inside
a characterless
suburban house?” where
sunbursts are stifled
by outbursts as
I get ripped apart
in my broken
seams choking
on long
lost dreams

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