by Mariah Rackliff

There is a battle in my head.
Daily filling me with dread.

I hear a voice say, “Let me in!”
“No!” Says another.  “I win!”

“I’m depression, I think I’ll stay.
How long the visit?  I can’t say.”

“Come closer dear, now just lie down.”
I oblige, with a small frown.

Days pass, many hours in bed.
“Come dance with your bottled meds!”

“There are guns in the cabinet dear!
Find the ammo; no more tears.”

The promises you say are sweet,
But wait!  I have someone to meet!

“Did you miss me?  Come take a ride!
No railings needed on my slide!”

Mania!  You’ve returned to me!
From depression, I am free!

“Let’s do something dangerous.
You know I am contagious!”

“Have sex, do a line, take a drink!
There is no time to stop and think!”

I cannot play your game today,
I fear depression’s on his way.

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