Black and Blue Friday

By Michael Finn

A Grandma punched another GrandmaChiorioneo
In the face. She knocked her down
And made her bleed           Profusely.
She did it for Love.
Twisted horns jutted beneath crusty scalp.
Grandma’s piercing, shrilling, thundered,
“Stay Down you old bitch!”
Grandma’s crucifix flipped upside down
Around her scaly, withered neck.
Her eyes staring, scarlet, and blazing
Teeth flashing, snarling and ravenous
Like the Phytosaur.
Grandma’s hush puppies split into shreds,
Hooves stamping
Tail thrashing.
Breaking the tiles beneath her.
What would Father Brown say
If he had seen her dash away
With the last remaining Elmo
Stuffed between her pinching claws,
Trickling with blood,
And leaving a blotted trail
All the way towards
The checkout line?

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