When the Day is Liquid and Light

by Sudeep Adhikari

the wet triangles, sliding
down the slant of liquid maroons
they look at me,
with the eyes of the black-hole love
i can’t see what is in there,
expect for the blood of nothingness,

an absence batshit drunk
pegged against the sine waves
of wooden erections, carefully lined along

the fractured space between my
blinds and blindsides. the day is in the

shape of shots, and the deconstructive
cleavages , trying to drown you
in a sea of comforting amnesias,
as i travel at the speed of dew-drops, along the

electronic phallus, to finally drop down
under the gravity of my own
sins and sounds. where do you go from

here? you ask. i fill each vein of my cosmological
whole in a seamless lust. what do you think?

i said. i did not.


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