by Tracy Covel

Equations on a chalkboard
I’ve never liked uncertainty and I hate indecision.
I’d rather stay with absolutes and always with precision.
Doubts they lead to sadness and sadness leads to pain.
The odds are stacked against you if you choose to play the game.
The glass can be half-empty, or the glass can be half-full.
In life you can be a genius, or you can play the fool.

The question only has two answers, and they are “yes” and “no.”
Why does it get so complicated with words like “I don’t know”?
Things would be much easier if we all said what we meant.
It’s hard to balance the accounts if we don’t what we’ve spent.
So choose your words carefully and always state the facts.
Don’t wander off in doubtfulness and never pad the stats.

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