The Stream, The Soul and The Immersion

by Eric Obezo

Flowing stream in forest

The cool rushing water                                  

            splashes and swirls,                            

                        playfully dancing       

                                    around my skin.

                                                All of the dirt             

                                                            I carry flushes away,                                      

                                                                        dribbling downstream,                       

                                                                                    revitalizing my body.

                                    This pure elixir showers

                        my matted hair, releasing the

            clumps of grime and soot,                                                                 

letting each strand live once again.                                                    

            My soul dances, gushing,                               

                        embracing the cleanse                        

                                    and suddenly,             

                                                I remember how to sing.

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