The Prince Machiavellian

by The Poet Darkling

Wrenched from the fryer
straight into the flames
of hatred and avarice go
all duty and sense
and a thousand convictions
we’ve deemed unneeded,
such as dignity, pride,
and any righteous defense

when our moral leaders are
neither leaders nor moral
and we give them a pass
to escape the blame
which belongs to no one
except We the People
for shielding their sins
behind our nation’s good name. 

Thus, we drain the swamp
while they fill it with sewage
and we button our lips like
good servants should for
they never like all us
fussing and mewling
and we learned pretty quick
it does more harm than good.

So, history repeats
the Prince Machiavellian,
to neutralize the
ambitions of men,
and all we can mutter
from here in the gutter is,
“If you like us now, you
should have known us back then!”

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