Tasting Eternity

by Nolo Segundo

Buffet with Indian cuisine

My friend Marco and I went out to for lunch, to
a ramshackle little place, but my friend told me
the food was great—and it was! Three different
chicken curries, a lovely lamb korma, with a half-
dozen veggies, and mango drinks to wash it down.

I suppose we visited the buffet more times than we
should have but we were talking philosophy as we
always did when we got together and speaking of
God and the soul and the meaning of life really
can make you hungry–then my friend said he
believed in God but had trouble with eternity–
it seemed scary, terrifying even to think of time
going on forever, endlessly, a road never ending.

I laughed a little, then smiled at my old friend–
‘THIS is eternity!‘ I said, and swallowed a
mouthful of delicious lamb korma.
The next moment, I asked him
if he had room for the rice pudding….

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