Taking Back My Name

by Eddie Brophy

I wasn’t prepared to stay
I wasn’t indoctrinated that way,
sobriety only begets more pain
and I don’t know if I’m prepared
to enjoy all the splendors of the mundane
and find a career that pays the bills,
just so I can afford what truly fulfills
a band-aid placed on my heart
by my actual living soul
with its chapped lips and hammer toes,
and the only evidence that humanity knows
that I ever existed are the curls in your hair,
and the way you react when I’m not standing there
to pick you up and rub my nose against yours
our secret language saying I love you
I don’t know if I deserve to have found
what I’ve always been looking for
I don’t know if I can ever be the kind of man
who can take responsibility for creating heaven?
right before my eyes
I know I’ll fight to stay, so that I can
because of you, I can start over
because of you? I can stay sober
Now we are so much more
we’re the family in the frame
and I’m now I’m taking back my name

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