by Laura LaJoie

Silhouette of a woman looking to the night sky.

Once we were friends
I didn’t mean to offend
Leaned in for a kiss
I made the mistake to resist

Young and naïve
My innocence I now must grieve
For he was cruel and impatient
He reeked of desperation

Hands gripped my thighs
A wild look appeared in his eyes
Breath whispered its way down my neck
My thoughts are a jumbled wreck

Fear began to rise in my chest
Bite marks appeared on my breasts
I struggled to break free of his grip
Clothes he began to rip

Broken and bruised, he left me naked on the floor
Zipping his pants, he heads for the door
Stripped me of my dignity and honor
I was forced to lay with a monster

My bed he came to claim
Leaving me layered in shame
Walls of my bedroom now haunted
Constant reminder of being assaulted

Broken, tired of being depicted
As the victim, I grew to contradict
I learned to become a fighter
I know what it means to be a survivor

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