Featured Writing

A pair of hands hold up a black book.

A Statement on Religion

By James Croal Jackson Perhaps divinity is in devotion– pages of textover thousands of years, eternal ramblingin the clockwork ticking the days to etch instone the wings I’d searched away, blindfaith in running water, erosion of the endlessnights I’d stay awake to eke out meaning.


Writers on Writing

In this compilation video from Charlie Rose, Malcolm Gladwell discusses finding the story, Martin Amis talks about the war on clichés, Zadie Smith speaks of her her faith in fiction, Joan Didion about writing novels, Jonathan Franzen addresses the novelist’s charge and Fran Lebowicz addresses her fear of writing.


Spotlight on Allen Ginsberg

Poet and activist Allen Ginsberg talks about the resurgence of the 50s Beat Generation of artists and poets—and how Bob Dyland was influenced by Kerouac. He talks also about censorship of his work and others.


Talking Volumes: Stephen King and Audrey Niffenegger

Bestselling authors Stephen King and Audrey Niffenegger discuss how much they reveal and what they leave to the readers’ imagination with Kerri Miller at the Talking Volumes series at the Fitzgerald Theater in 2009. The second video focuses on each writer’s work environment.