by Lisa Harris

First principle: Perfection, peace, wholeness, being complete: one.

We speak into each other’s lives and begin becoming.
Tenor toned your velvet voice makes a pillow for me to choose.

When I misunderstand or don’t hear, I trust timber
and pitch. I trust you. On a campus where we met,
I heard your voice above others, heard it before I saw

you approaching—and you are easy to spot at a distance,
or in a crowd. Not loud. Present. Tall, strong, able
to fell a tree, haul rock, split logs, drag deer, lift me–
as essential to me as hydrogen, atomic number 1, is to star formation.

Our love, like water, makes up 60 percent of each of us.
Our love provides stores of hydrogen to keep us young.
Hydrogen, the lightest element, instigates positive energy,
abundant in us, abundant in stars. Without it, no water, no sun.
You are my only-est one, my true companion.

The first person to enter a house on the first day
of the new year in Viet Nam, and elsewhere, sets
a blessing or a curse, so each house invites
a best person, who has power to create well-being.
You are the blessing in my house—day by day.
I invite you. I open myself to you. I let you in.

You enter. You open your heart. You surround me
in your arms, speak in silent kisses, hold me tight,
and hold me loose. You encourage wild, insist on free.
Entirety. One is the number of our sun,
of what is best, of yet to come, of unity, of God
in us, wonder and hope, creation and growth.

First principle: truth, light, shadow and spirit: one.


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