Sea Glass

by Gil Hoy

When you’re a bottle
29 years go by fast,
Not necessarily so
for a little girl.

Through Hurricane Hugo
The whipping winds
The crashing rain
The stones that missed

You, you survived intact
to tell the tale of an 8 year
old girl who walked along
the beach

On that happy weekend,
29 years ago, and put a note
deep inside of you

Before hurling you
deep inside the sea.

For she was the writer
of her note, the paper now
slightly stained, the ink now
somewhat smudged

And you were the holder
of the song she sang,
You, now covered with
the trappings of the sea:

Shelled sea creatures
affixed tightly to your surface
Green plants that only grow
in the sea.

She, having long since
moved out of her childhood
home and having long since
forgotten about you.

Our little girl lay awake
at night for weeks in her bed

Thinking about you
and waiting for a response
that never came.

Or should I say came late,
when she was no longer
a little girl and the world

Had become a very
different place.


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