by Amy Covel

Asleep at night,
the darkness comes
like a nightmare.
I see it all again—
chains around my wrists,
a faceless phantom
holding a bloody knife.

Awake, I spring,
ready to kill.
But I see your face
stained with tears.
Last time it was
stained with blood.
What have I done?
Chains still bind my wrists.
I cannot embrace you.
My heavy hands
cannot wipe your tears.
Curses, not kind words
touch my lips.
I have frightened you.
You are gone.

Night comes again.
Sleep takes me.
I fall into reverie.
The panic returns.
I wake up bound
but find your arms.
I hear your voice
above the ringing in my ears.
You ask me what I see.
I just see you.

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