Loyal Lady

by Brianna Kittrell

She greets you at birth, and you cry in her presence,
still she becomes a part of your essence.
She sways with the trees and rustles the leaves,
and her beauty deserves more praise than it receives.

Though she is giving and kind,
she is often taken for granted until she is hard to find.
She fills your lungs day in and day out,
she carries your words whether they be a whisper or a shout.

She asks of nothing in return,
yet she is polluted and corrupted with little concern.
She is only seen leaving the lips when it is cold,
a reminder that she will be there as you grow old.

As the end nears, she whispers in your ears,
an immortal presence carrying your tears.
You feel her leaving as your chest grows tight,
and you beg for one more breath in the night.

You took her for granted, and now she must leave,
a longing for her you now conceive.
She caresses your lips, with one last whimper,
as you succumb to the darkness like a burned out ember.

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