When Khaos Gives Rise to Dawn

by Megan Parker

In the dark, we are fathomless.
Entire galaxies form beneath our tongues,
and we explore our cosmic spaces
as if for the first time.
My curves form constellations
for your elegant hemispheres,
and in the big dip of our bed, we blend
seamless. Your heat strikes the aether
we breathe as Erebus and Nyx.
As quintessential as the circular motion of planets,
we rise, rotate—a testament to the origins
of we know not what.
The weight of my thighs in each of your palms
is measured only by the pressed blackness,
the abyss our bodies fill, and orange bursts of nebulas
exhaled on a single breath.
We have doomed a billion stars with a drawn curtain
to savor the last of night—
The arteries that we have twisted
into shared knots loosen as dawn elucidates—
And when the barrier breaks,
we implode just as bright.


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