It Begins with a Lapsus

by Ray Corvi

A pink flamingo

It begins with a lapsus

I climb out of the window
into the boughs of trees

become a bird
& fly away

and find myself
grafted to the day


the window:
             open it––

I shall leap and soar

I can whistle any tune

the songs they o-
pen as windows

              or as eyes

we noticed
noticed us

pure error


Many things disclose
the ontology of dream––

it breaks my heart

it is I think
a need to die

I made a mistake
              but it was fair

a person cried
& I have screamed

the oracle is in despair


My mother’s mouth
My father’s fontanelle

the lucidity of madness



& then

& then


belittled &

tell me about
                              necessary evil


if I die
dress me in a tuxedo
but leave my hair uncombéd


I broke a bone once:

That is the particular
from it flew a bird

a bird flew out of broken bone
& sang a song

of disrepair


my father-mother
a flamingo

& round it
dusk’s pathology

turns neon now
folding it in

a neon teleology
records its voice––

it speaks now
most uncertainly

the timbre wavers
on its breath


My father-mother
a flamingo

the pink was pink
a pink run red

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