For Waiting

by Mia Sara

If you’re waiting for deliverance,
better call UPS. If you’re waiting for UPS,
look out for the green truck.
If you’re bored of looking,
try leaping off the edge.
If you’re tired of the falling,
better find a safety net.
If you’re waiting for a safety net,
try growing some wings.
There are too many ways to lose a son.

If you don’t like to get high,
get down on your knees.
While you’re down there,
you might as well pray.
If you haven’t got a prayer,
call your mother, she’s been waiting by the phone.
If you’re waiting for the cure,
better cure yourself.
If you’ve lost yourself,
Google this: How Have I Failed Him?

Surrender, that’s one way of letting go.
A happy childhood is
to an unhappy childhood
as anger is to fear,
they cost you about the same.
If you’re looking for a scapegoat,
call your mother, she’s still waiting by the phone.

Make a full confession,
that’s just like coming clean.
If you can’t come clean,
drink your coffee with bleach.
If you’re waiting to be free,
lock yourself in denial,
and swallow the key.
That’s as good a place as any,
if you’re waiting for his call,
for waiting.


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