Dear Mr. Frost

by Libby O’Connor


Dear Mr. Frost,
       I do not think this path is wide enough for the two of us.
       There is a road you’ve traveled,
       that I’d like to tread;
But, Mr. Poe,
       my rapid heartbeat
       is driving me mad
       with its unrelenting
       T H U M P I N G;
       So I must ask,
Mr. Whitman,
       should I crush
       the noiseless patient spider
       with my heel,
       or nurture it
       in my palms?
Where, Mr. Heaney,
       my pen does lie,
       nice and snug.
       It etches my page,
       like a spade to earth.
       It cuts away at the
       diverging wood,
       to forge a path anew,

       where only I,

       have stood.


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