Crossing Over and Staying

by Kristal Peace

Pearls in a clear candy dispenser.

Weaker than

I cannot be

She waits 

For me


To produce

The pearls that 

Will save her 

Life, to silence

The guns and stay

The knife that


Ever approaches her

Dawning cheek

I reach, I try

But I am weak.


And she cannot know

That war

Has come

And in time suspended

Our lives are undone

By hungry soldiers 


And marching fire

That pound the grain

And burn desire.

She cannot know, so


She waits for me, but

I am weaker than

I should not be.

But still, I bring her

To the empty well

And she searches


For pearls in the middle

Of hell

On earth. And 

While she searches she

Explores my face, expecting me

To save her. 


But I am weaker than I

Cannot be, and

Soon the messenger will

Come for me, 

Leaving her alone. 

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