Bucket List

by The Poet Darkling

Today was
      one of those days;
         one of those days
            when you realize you
               shouldn’t’ve waited;
                  you shouldn’t wait;
                     when you discover
                        places people call
                                 “Cut and Shoot;”
                                 “‘Possum Kingdom;”
                                       “Rest and Be Thankful;”

when you learn
      these places could
            quite possibly be flooded…
or that they might be heavenly oases
having never known disaster,
and you might never
have known
or cared
but now that you’ve discovered
that such places exist,
you contemplate,
you wonder,
and you
these destinations to your bucket list, even though you know deep down inside that you will never, ever tick them off because your momma taught you better than to ever run with scissors.

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