by Amy Southard

I know when Autumn arrives,
Usually early September here.
The corn in my garden is ready for harvest,
The silks turning brown.
The pumpkins are beginning
To turn more orange than green.
Leaves are turning yellow, orange and red,
Falling to the ground and crunching,
As playful squirrels run across the yard.
The nights are chilled enough to turn on the heat.
The scent of burning wood floats through the air.
The apple trees are overflowing
And red fruit begins to fall to the ground.
Friends gather buckets full to make apple pies,
Apple sauce and apple butter.
Hot apple cider with caramel and whipped cream,
Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin everything.
Everyone says “Goodbye” to Summer,
Getting back to a routine.
School is back in session now.
Children wait for the bus
In the crisp, cool air of morning,
With their new clothes and shoes,
Eager to meet new friends.


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