America First

by Gil Hoy

Are we a family of nations or are we not? How did this
nation thing happen in the first place anyway where
just about every man woman and child belongs
to one like a fraternity or club Was it the different
languages we spoke Or is that a chicken before
the egg type of situation That we look differently
No slant eyes here No blacks there We all know
the Americanized lily white Monet Europeans will
inherit the earth anyway Not the chosen people Not
the Nazis nor Japs Build that wall. Rousseau wrote
about that: The man who enclosed the first piece
of ground was…. How many crimes wars murders
saved mankind by pulling up the stakes Like Woodrow
Wilson and that idealized League of Nations Or Clinton
(the philanderer one) at the second Obama DC:
We’re all together in this better than you’re on your
own Not the selfish spoiled brat hoarding all the kids’
toys to be sent to his room for a timeout. When my
son was a little boy he fought with his sister about
who would sit in the front seat of the car And he
was so sad when his friend’s mother made brownies
for school and the class bully ate the last one and many
many more before that before my son had had a bite
of brownie to eat And Trump wants to bomb North Korea
and maybe Iran too He wants to ban transgenders and
Muslims from the world His new national security advisor
thinks if you remove the top ten floors of the United Nations
nothing will happen And when will the meek inherit
the earth. And where’s that last brownie so I can eat?


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