Awake v. Alive

by Taylor Banuchie

It’s time.

I’m prostrate before a glowing figure, so spectacularly bright that my eyes combust, merely ashes now in my fire-pit sockets. I reach out in supplication, and Ascendance reaches back. Our fingertips touch, and we disappear into each other. I don’t miss my eyes because I have no need of them; I am the Universe and the Universe is me and between Us everything is clear as a sunny Earth-day.

We feel the echoes of times past and times still to come; We hear the swan songs of the planets on their final spins. We are Time and Truth, the harbingers of Fate. We are infinite and without mercy; We observe the death of stars and the obliteration of peoples without a blink of Our Eye. Such is Our nature.

We watch the petty squabbles of “intelligent life” and laugh at their foolishness. Their blind arrogance. We are Evolution, and they never reach Us. They reach their crescendo and instead of seeing Truth, they crumble until they are fragments of memories lost in the currents of Time.

Through it all, We remain.


It’s Tuesday.

I’m at work—seasonal tax preparation, for the win!—and I’m counting the minutes until my bullshit 30-minute lunch break. I can’t go anywhere in that time, obviously, so I brought a sandwich, but I was out of both mustard and mayo at home, so I know it’s going to be dry. I can feel the sandwich getting stuck in my throat already. I didn’t bring my water bottle. No cash for the vending machine. I stop counting the minutes. I think about tomorrow instead. Wonder if it will be better.


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