A Jigsaw-Poured View

by DS Maolalai

Seagulls flying in the sky

the classical music
of countryside birds perched
in ivy and trees, and seagulls
a climax cacophony – jazz
and it’s popular form – hardened music
with teeth in a traffic jam.
I hear it from rooftops
and look out from my window
on rooftops like rocks broke
below me – chaotic and covered
with the grey white of bird-
shit and seagulls. a jigsaw
poured view; a box poured
and in jagged wild piles
on the table. the music of jigsaws
made badly by palsy
and alzheimers – something of sense
lost in a clashing
impression – a beauty
there also, as keys
that don’t quite fit
in doors.

Category: Featured, Poetry