5 Tips for Creative Writers from Adventurista Janice Holly Booth

by Gabbi Hall

Photo from http://www.janicehollybooth.com/about-janice-booth/press-kit/Writer and adventurista, Janice Holly Booth, had her first book, “Only Pack What You Can Carry,” published by National Geographic in 2011. Since then, she released a non-fiction novel, “A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer,” and taught many creative writing workshops for adults. Janice has 5 important tips for creative writers.

1. Start where you are.
Too many new writers get stuck at the beginning. The truth is your opening will likely change anyway, so just start at the end, the middle…wherever. Just start!

2. Let the story take you.
Writers may think they know what their story is about, but all stories – if approached with respect and humility – will take the writer down an unexpected path. The destination is usually better than the one the writer had in mind.

3. Don’t get hung up on page count.
Daunted by the task of writing a whole book? If you write just one good page a day, in a year you’ll have 365 pages. This links back to tip #1. Just start!

4. Forget the $5.00 words.
The minute you start “showing off” your vocabulary is the minute the reader will reject you. The best writers create the most vivid images and evoke the most profound emotions using simple words and sentences.

5. Take a course.
There is simply no substitute for practice and skill building. All writers can benefit from being pushed out of their comfy little box. Writers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeking opportunities to grow.