3 Common Struggles of Being a Writer (and How to Combat Them)

by Gabbi Hall

Pi040204d07Writer’s have a unique set of hurdles when it comes to creating a masterpiece, so we asked writers, “What do you struggle with most in your writing? How do you combat it?” Three authors shared their biggest obstacles and how they overcome them.

1. Description. Describing people and scenes. I can’t picture it very well. To combat it, I have to close my eyes and really take the time to recreate places or people in my mind. When that doesn’t work, I’ll use an image search and find something close. Then when I can look at something visually concrete, rather than abstract in my mind, it’s easier to describe.
Submitted by Joan Raymond

2. Self-doubt. I constantly think that my writing is never good enough or that my ideas are not original or too similar to other ideas that have already been written. I combat that by reminding myself to just write about whatever storyline or article that I have come up with and enjoy writing it. Then, whatever comes with that particular piece of writing whether it published or not, I will know that I wrote something that I am really proud and that made me happy while I was writing and hopefully when I finished it. And maybe one day it could possibly make other people happy to read as well.
Submitted by Kayla Cauley

3. Writer’s block. I have the sort of writer’s block that is total. There are no ideas, let alone any desire to move on with something. I think the way to combat it is to disconnect with things: cell phones, TV, movies and maybe even books (at least for a bit). Then your mind will begin to say, “I wonder what has happened? Here I had all this stimulation, and now there is none at all, so I will have to make something up.” Now that you have given your imagination a cleansing, it is important to destroy distractions and get down to action. So kick out your kids and dogs (or husbands or wives), and sit with a little idea. Write with the little idea and see it spread branches out into other places.Then find a pattern in which you do this every day, the same way.
Submitted by William Worsham