Will They Remember

by Susanna Hargreaves

Do my heartfelt words matter
and will my children even remember the sound of my voice
Will they think of me when they hear the faint keys of a piano
or when they smell blueberry muffins baking
and when they see the pile of books next to the bed
Will they remember me when the purple lilacs bloom for Mother’s Day
as the wind blows through the grass and vegetable garden
and how I smile in the rain because it calms me
Will they remember I love the autumn leaves
when they shimmer red and gold
As the tired sun fades to dreams
and the winter stars twinkle
When the last dish is put away
And the fading fire crackles
Or when they hear the dog softly sigh in bed late at night
I hope my husband and children feel my loving warmth
and remember they deserve to be happy


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