Through Loved Ones Eyes

By Joanne Eskreis

Voices spoken to us through their love
Echoing from the heavens above
Sounding laughter from within their tears
Envelop us through all our fears.

Reaching out through the never ending sky
Comforting us whenever we cry
This is where true comfort lies
Hearing voices from heaven through their loved ones eyes.

As anxiety clouds from within our heart
A memory forms to say we are not apart
Allowing us to feel their presence again
Something even death cannot bring to an end.

Laughter and love speak to us in their story
Through life’s tragedy sounds their departed glory
Through illusions of fear we now can find hope
In all our sadness we have methods to cope.

Tell me about the loved ones you know
Lessons learned from them to help me grow
Each of us special in what we offer another
Bringing a uniqueness to enlighten each other
Show me their love through your eyes
Hearing their laughter faded from their cries.


Note from the author: I wrote this after hearing a young women’s parents’ story about their daughter that lost her life in the 9/11 tragedy. She lived life to the fullest and was inspirational to many.

Category: Poetry