So Settles The Dust

by Shane David Morin

Dust settles silently enshrouding abandoned cities of my psyche
The scrapings of nails and screeches of sirens have ceased,
Leaving an absence of liveliness and horror in the wake of the Shadow Man’s demise
What is left but a void where mutilated memories and surreal sorrow used to be?

Love me not for the light that seemingly pierces deep into your night,
But for the darkness that I guard so intimately, for the emptiness that had been life
For I feel the blackness of snow cascading upon me, as frigid ash, remnants
Of incendiary episodes that have scorched my flesh, leaving a shelled, woeful soul

The sun shines not, celestially abandoning me to the depths of despair
It is as if I dwell beyond the edges of the known universe, in the vastness of nowhere,
The place that is neither here nor there, where clocks melt furiously into Salvador Dali’s iris
Infusing the myth of time deep within man’s mind, birthing my own restlessness

Love me not for the brilliance of summers that waken your life,
But for the bleakness of winters that I hold dear with perpetual fear
That were I to lose the beauty of death and the majesty of sight
Beyond the ethereal, I could not love you beyond my final tears

The chaotic, the illogical, the impractical, they all ignite and fall to dust
The cast iron bars that imprisoned my heart, my soul, crumble into powdery rust
As you, the disquiet, the fierceness, had pushed into the recesses of nothingness that is
My soul, resurrecting sparks that transformed into the equivalent of hydrogen fusing into helium,
Bringing back to the dead a twenty-first century Lazarus, becoming more than the mythic Christ.

The brilliance of our cascading galaxy, falling into the sister Andromeda
Closing in are you, my celestial angel, overpowering the vastness
That had once separated our universes, as far as the alpha had been from omega
The end of life has at last become fused to the beginning, an iridescent spiraling endlessness
That you solely had forged into an otherwise inertial existence

Drawing closer over the incomprehensibility of time and space,
Your arms, glittering with a thousand suns, a million worlds, take this embrace
Altering the realities of you and I to a cataclysmic collision course
That emanates shockwaves into the very center of my singularity


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