by Katherine Yoerg

In a variety of colors, they sit in plastic bags,
the days of youth arrayed with symbols of the times;
Motorolas and Tulips, Versace and Mickey Mouse - beckoning you into the darkness,
into the strobe lights, into the drum, bass, and luminescence of being up all night,
walking out into the dawn on the heels of ecstasy.

They smell of sassafras and honey,
distinct to one familiar with their graces,
smell of young love on a summer afternoon, of first feelings and nebulous certainty,
of faith in the world and those around you,
of confessions to strangers who seem like friends.

On your tongue they linger for a moment,
one flash of hesitation before the water washes down,
       heart soon pounding with anticipation,
       stomach rising towards the chest,
       swell of nausea before,
       hairs stand erect upon your arms,
       as you inhale your first of many
breaths of knowledge,
eat from the apple in the garden,
become awash with the realization that you’ve just arrived on shore after too long adrift at sea but are ready to take your first faltering steps
eyes wide,

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