Philandering Preachers and Politicians / Wealth Management

preaching in church

Philandering Preachers and Politicians
By John Garmon

Any human being is in this world once and only
To pass along their take on their moral compass
Having helped to raise money for politicians
Preachers stand behind shaky pulpits in awe
The pope sneaks out some nights and disappears
Into a crowd of ordinary people who don’t suspect
They are in the presence of an undercover Jesuit
Politicians need as much money as they can get
To stay in office with concentrations of transforming
Unlaundered cash for strengthening their holds
On their elected seats among the governing class
Preachers must mix their spirituality with pledges
From parishioners who need tax deductions
And want the politicians to change the codes
The world being pregnant as it is with greed
And the scriptures surely must have words
In this dark world to soothe the chronic guilt of
Philandering forces in their luminous grace
Prayers being said aside after confessions
Projects stalled and unfinanced perpetually
As those who hear the words kneel and pray
To gods of sufficient interests to parlay


Wealth Management

I would gladly give you two dollars tomorrow
If you are kind enough to grant me one today
Just one today is all I need to go on living
One today on top of another can mount up
It’s all quite complimentary and confidential
No one can fully predict tomorrow’s risks
It’s all location and previous buying trends
Inventory control becomes multi-national
You may take a large cut of these deals
Your impartial disguise is wearing thin
World domination of investments is false
Unless you count the craft of Colonel Sanders
One afternoon in Palo Alto cars came to a halt
The Queen’s second son was ambushed
Big movies of stockbrokers were being made
She said, “Okay, take my cell phone. Hurry.”
It was a quick transaction of domestic
Intelligence designed to throw off suspicion
The money came from Switzerland’s larders
Where it had been stored with good chocolate
A state-of-the-art start-up expanded vibrantly
Jobs and job training captured the news
Local workers read the Wall Street Journal
Opening existing businesses was approved
Since the mortgage meltdown hangs on
Like an organ grinder on Wall Street
His monkey remains missing to this day

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