Once on Cypress Street

by Michael C. Keith


Our host declares the party started

Toasting all with a tequila shot

Glasses are salted and then saluted

Everyone gulps and lungs grow hot


Another! he wails as we all recover

This is for all who bare their asses 

We drink his spirits with feigned abandon

As he flits about refilling our glasses


Raise them to sin and all that is nasty

Declares our swaggering compère

Drink up until you exceed all limits

To which he adds, forsake your fear


Again he pours more liquid deceptions

Eyeing each guest with lustful intent

You can handle another drink for certain

Says he, waiting as decorum is soon spent


My love weaves and leans on another

Although I stand within her reach

She presses her  body against his chest

And there commits a hurtful breach


As she appears about to fall unconscious

Our party-giver exclaims: She’s really high!

He declares it best she rest before we leave

Come this way, he says, hand on her thigh


We lay her limp body upon his full bed

Where other drunks have been consigned

Come have another drink my friend

Offers he, with lascivious design


The room tilts sharply as I clutch the table

Envisioning her naked inside the pile

In sultry darkness where she lets passions flow

While plotting excuses for future denial



Category: Poetry