Midnight Lullaby

by Margarita Acevedo

Night Sky






In the dark night glinting chimes dance
With the singing wind, bathed in eerie moonlight
The gentle whispers of the dry branches murmur their delight,
Swaying to the lyrical song.
The quiet house sighs in awe of the strange
Hypnotic dance.
The playful wind greets us with a frost kissed embrace
Never wavering from her evening song.
Cloudless skies twinkle with silent travelers,
Oblivious to the dark melody.

I retreat to the darkness behind my eyes,
Only for my ears to be enticed by her sweet tones and crisp breath,
Glowing moonlight draws me away from the darkness.
Eyes lost in rhythmic beauty,
Ears bathed in a sweet sirens song.
The gentle moonlit spell is broken,
By my dogs soft whine and knowing brown eyes.



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