by Amy Covel

It’s always just been me
And I
Never you
Or someone else

I’ve lived life on my own
On the edge
All by myself
‘Cause no one
Could ever keep up
Or cope
With who I am

I’ve started running
And I won’t stop
Until I die
But no one can understand
This is my future
My five-step plan

But youdared
To challenge my supremacy
And sought to outrun me
And for the first time in my life
I ate the dust
Of another being

But defeat was out of question
You took my hand
And urged me to keep up
And keep on
You taught me what it meant
To be strong

You showed me that life
Is not to be run like a race
That there are places to stop
Along the way
And seconds to cherish every day

I never want it to go back
To the good ol’ days
Of me
And I
All Alone
‘Cause without you
I don’t know who I am
‘Cause now I see
That youmake me

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