He Sleeps

By Joanne Eskreis

He sleeps….
Ever so quiet, so still
Like a river without a breeze
Birds resting quietly
Among the stillness within the trees.

I watch him, I feel his peace
I study the features of his face.
Gently, softly touching his body
Waiting to feel his strong embrace.

 A sudden sound comes from his parted lips
As his body jerks into a quieter sleep
His soul lets go of the turmoil of life
I watch him fade into a rest that goes deep.

 I feel so close to the place he has gone
His heart rests and sets him free
From all the pain and hardship of his world
To a place where he can just be…
I connect to his spirit
I feel a part of this place
I feel the pain leave his body
I see the stress calmly leave his face.

He sleeps…
Like a baby, I watch him with hope
That his dreams were filled with love.
Wherever he went to in that short time
I hope the angels led him from the heavens above.

 As he comes back to me from this place
His body moves, eyes open, he softly speaks to me.
Relaxed, calm, a man ever so sweet
Ready to face the day, whatever his journey may be.

 How this man has touched my heart
Reached so far into my soul.
Brought this woman alive from so many deaths
I’m ready to love him, to just let go.
My heart, my emotions I release without control.

Category: Poetry