by Amy Covel

We’re pale white
Like ghosts
Haunting the graves
Of the places
We’ve stayed

Forced to conform
To the order
To which we were born
You and I are bound
Two ghosts together

Our untimely deaths
Stole away our breaths
But didn’t deliver us
From the doom
Of wandering this world
Among mankind’s tombs

Others pass on
While we live on
Still the same
As yesterday
And that part of
Our phantoms
Will never fade away

The world looks on
Unable to understand
The reason we’re gone
Yet still live on
They fear our
And our vitality
Because to them
We are ghosts
And fit only to return
To the graves we’ve spurned

Yet, to you and I
We haven’t died

Only I can feel
The wet moisture
Of your tears
And understand the fears
That only a phantom feels

Only I can see
That gentle, honest smile
You show to me
Amidst a world
That treats us with hate
And guile

Only I can hear
The sweet sound of laughter
Drifting through your lips
A joy you always wear
After every storm

And on the days
When I feel
And gone
I know I’m wrong
When I feel the warmth
Of your hand
In mine
And know that you’re
The only one
Capable of
Contacting my ghost
And warming my soul
For all time.


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