Far Off Honey

by William Bortz

I sit and count, in a midday sun,
my troubles and woes
the casted shadows of full limbs
and branches poking
through my kitchen window
and stretching down the wall
the blackened tips
of my weary fingers-
filing and sorting

sight encumbered within my head;
a cracked spectrum misguiding illustrious light
a cooling wind kisses the skin
pulled tight across my brow
taming the droplets of sweat
clawing their way down my cheek

figures and numbers of
all assorted pleasures
mark the words
whispered between slivers and slips
all while wispy, white clouds tickle and tease
the afternoon sky

a voice calls out-
cooing to me in my dreariness;
a sound of a babbling stream
oh, how I long
for a taste of that far off honey!
but the bees are buzzing;
and what is sweet
is only sweet
until after the bitter taste of worry
has fallen from my teeth


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