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The Office of Eternal Collections

by Dakota Jackson The Office of Eternal Collections—better referred to as purgatory, both literally and figuratively, especially to Luci—is becoming quite hectic these days. As the head of the Decisions Department, Luci, (known in his past first as Lucian and later as Lucifer), is in charge of the recently deceased….


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Blue and white floral purse

Going Out

by Sally Cragin the things they carried Aquanet hand-maidensalways in pairs,fishnets, Doc MartensMascara’d black staressmoking in tandem,sauntering downstairs Boys give them a glancebut they’re slightly shit-faced(a bottle of Jack in that purse –next to Mace) Oh, those purses – so stylishfrom skinned vinyl leopardsor dragon-skin sacks stitchedout of Auntie’s old…