by Marc Livanos

The view of a valley filled with trees and a small body of water. Clouds cover the sky.

On comfy lounges I sit
observing the panoramic view
of the green valley below.

Clouds blanket the horizon

but here and there

bits of blue peek through.

Live oak’s shimmering leaves
mingle with the evergreens
towards the far-off skyline.

Chattering bluebirds fill the air
with chirps longingly sung
for like-minded brethren.

Satisfied, my mind wonders how
people on a day-to day basis
are so preoccupied with themselves,
their work or lack of it, private lives

or whatever else they do
that they just don’t see each other.

But as noon draws to a close I smile
ready for my nap knowing how others think
will remain unchanged in the morrow.

Category: Poetry