As You Perceive

By Adiela Akoo

Flower in the sun.

I am a flower that blooms
Perfume filtering the air
I am a veiled mystery
To hearts that don’t understand
And eyes that cannot yet see
I am a reflection
I am a teacher
I am a lesson
I am the yang and the yin
I am the quiet voice amidst the din
I am a stranger, and stranger yet
I am a beloved friend
A secret well kept
I am a seeker
And I have been sought
I have been crushed and ground
Tempered by fire
I have been dead
And I have been reborn
With passion and desire
I am fiery, yet cool
Strong, yet gentle
Creating from destruction
I am nurturing and can feel you
In the hidden depths of your soul
I am ancient and I am young
I am a germinating seed
I write and I am written
I belong to The Love Creed
But I remain, only as you perceive…

Category: Poetry