The Recluse

by John P. Kristofco

Recluse Window

…lives apart,
       among us like the silence we all hear,
       implore, avoid,
       the face we never see on sidewalks,
       on a thousand mile hill;
…cannot walk in worlds he does not know,
       except for words he’s taken up like stones
       to build a wall, a dream,
       virtues, vices, vanities,
       people to embrace, to hate;
…turns away, embarrassed by the light,
       shades his eyes in daytime,
       looks into the glass at night
       and fears for line and shadow,
       the vigor of his soul;
…and searches for a peace with life,
       faith in something he can trust,
       seeking spheres with gossamer,
       he finds a home in all of us

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