Incredible Shrinking Mother


by Kristal Peace

Mother used to stand
Five foot four,
She was proud
Of her ability
To do sums.

Mother used to dream
Of doing more
Than being paid
To drown her pride
In other people’s dish water.

Mother had an accent
She said it kept people
From seeing her
As anything other than
A rag.

Mother had a plan
She said she didn’t
Come to this country
To wash her dignity
With other people’s laundry.

Mother tried college
The English offended
Her tongue
She couldn’t make peace
Between the two.

Mother spent long nights
For the promise that
Had called to her
From across the ocean.

Mother found
Blisters, callouses, overdue bills
Not enough food
Locked doors
But no promise.

Mother picked up her bucket
And went back
To drown her spirit
In other people’s

But Mother had another plan
She accepted captivity,
Just long enough
To find a way to go
Back home.

Mother is next to
Father, she
Flew economy class
She had no luggage
Just a box.

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