Rain_WhiteRoseBy Jenny Andrews

Cool rain-filled wind,

skips along leaves strewn paths.

White roses swirl in the afternoon breeze,

rose scent saturates this mid-October day.

Red rose petals scatter among the brown and yellow leaves decay.

Cool rain

and that revived memory of that man I once loved

in a season saturated in autumn cold.

A day in a garden in a far-away thought,

sunlight slips through a decaying tree branch

water stagnates, deflects

the sunlight,

the world of warmth could not penetrate the dying sunlight,

the cold brown earth.

My lover stood adrift

on that littered bluff of that far off memory

among twigs and driftwood.

In silhouette

I accepted his receding from me.

I seceded like a defeated army.

Our battles,

our scars,

far too deep to ever heal in this life

from mere words.

“Sorry” soundlessly filled up the gathering distance between us.

Decades have done little to dispatch the pain of our parting.

With each October chill,

he, my lover, returns with those sad dark eyes

just long enough to remind me of all that we both lost.

The rose scented breeze

and the dying garden

and us

and us.

Both losers


Category: Poetry