by Linda S. Swanberg

          Fredericksburg, Virginia (1953–1955)
          For “La” from “Ninna”
          In memory of Louise Swanberg, M.D. (1949–2014)

stars sm

firefly tips dazzle
always out of reach
hot breezes own Virginia nights

I dream fireflies we mistake for stars
all Fredericksburg asleep—
town shut up, people gone home

wide well of memory ripens
I slip into the narrow room with Jacobean wallpaper
the whole gang is there: Chris on his cot—
our two teddy bears—“Bow Wow” and “Teddy Petsy”
saturated with Blue Waltz perfume

sister, sister, firefly!
you set so many rooms aglow
I reach for you, but you are gone

stars in a Montana sky turn to fireflies
flicker of night set in motion
a Virginia bedroom widens—
nothing is lost!

Oh starry sky! firefly! let your sister in


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