Autumn Shades

Bench at Nightby Kelly Milos

Do you know the night phantoms?
The shades that grow strange in Autumn?
Oh, you must know the ones—

the swirling spirits of once-living leaves
giving the air its static sound,

the clouds clicking through the branches
guarding the harvest moon from prying eyes.

They’re glimpses of a world the sun
can never know. Finally free from his burning eye
the very air sighs with relief
and shows its gratitude in nights that need
a sweater’s embrace.

I let the taste of cloves pirouette off my tongue
in a smoky hiss as the veil grows ever thinner.

Soon, new ghosts will fill these streets:
of innocence, of childhood, all lost to me now.

And still I smile, for I know the night phantoms well.


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