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The sun setting over a body of water

Smoke and Mirrors

by Nancy Machlis Rechtman She feels her way through the dappled landscapeCradling the memories of a time when it was filled with lightAnd hopeAnd dreamsInstead of this endless echo chamberOf lonelinessWhere she now resides. The sun has yielded to the moon’s prowessSinking slowly across the Western skyBut this is no…


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Hands hammering a nail into wood

Good Friday, 2020

by Jonathan Cooper In the laneway’s narrowing lightrestaurant workers clutch at coats,plastic bags sagging with personal effects.The doorman curses and fretsat the forgotten family photo, taped insidehis staff locker, smiling into the darkas men pound nails into plywood,closing every way in—every way out.


A heron taking flight out of water

Heron, Sturdies Bay

by Jonathan Cooper The ferry washed low in the baywater swirled the piles,gurgled the barnacles. I saw her from the deck facing away,stone stillon the salt-shimmered bow. Horn blast! I bolted for the hatchfumbled for keys, looked back— black wingsetched againstthe pale, blue sky.